How to download Youtube videos? - 13 easiest and fastest methods

According to the YouTube policy, downloading videos from YouTube is not allowed.
In this article, we are going to discuss some easiest, fastest and greatest ways to download videos from YouTube. You can also use some of these methods to download videos from other webpages as well.

Method 1 :

All you need to do is just follow these simple steps.
1. Go to
2. Click on the video you want to download
3. Copy the URL of that video.

4. Open another browser tab or window.
5. Go to

6. Paste the link of the video in the box.
7. Click the download button (DO NOT CLICK DOWNLOAD NOW or WATCH NOW, because they are Advertisements)
8. Download links will appear below in green. Low and High quality options may be available. High Quality is recommended.

9. Now you can save the video file.

Method 2 :

This method is similiar to Method 1.
Just go to and paste the url in the given box.

Click download button and you are done.

Method 3 : clipconverter

This is also similiar to previous methods.
Just go to

Copy and paste the Youtube video’s url into the box, and choose one of the available options below the text box. ClipConverter can download YouTube videos in many different video as well as audio formats, and also gives you a control over the resulting video's quality.

Method 4 : Editing the URL

This is the easiest method among all.
Just go to the Youtube video page you want to download.
Edit the url replacing 'www.' with 'ss'

For example : Change the video url from '' to ''

After you press Enter, a download window will appear, from where you can download the video.

Method 5 : Video DownloadHelper

Video downloadHelper is a Firefox addon.

Install this add-on to your Firefox. After installation, the add-on will automatically detect whenever you are on a page containing a video or an image gallery, and the icon’s animation will turn on, showing you there is something to download.

Method 6 : Chrome Extension

YouTube downloader extension is also available for Google Chrome. You can download it from the button below.

click here to download

Method 7 : Safari Extension

YouTube video downloader extension is also available for Apple Safari browser.
This extension can be downloaded from the button below.

click here to download

Method 8 :

This method is also similiar to,
Just go to

Paste the video url and start downloading.

Method 9 : FreeMake downloader

Freemake is a free tool to download videos from internet. This free tool runs on Windows.

Just download the free tool, install it and start downloading all videos from internet.

Method 10 : Youtube downloader

YouTube downloader is another free YouTube video downloading tool available for free of cost.

After downloading, extract the zip file.
Install the stand alone application and start downloading.

Method 11 : voobys

This method is quite simple. You do not need to download anything, or visit any other website.
Just edit the original video url and replace youtube with voobys
For example : Edit and change it to
A download window will be opened, from where you can download any quality video.

Method 12 : VLC media player

This method is quite different.
Visit YouTube page, and copy the url.
Now open VLC media player.
Click Media>Stream
A new window will pop up.
Select Network and paste the url here.
Now click Stream

 As you click Stream, the video will start Streaming on VLC media player. You can record the video using the record button, which can be enabled from View>Advanced Controls.

Method 13 : Using Internet Download Manager

If you have installed Internet download manager, then you can download any video/audio from any webpage using the IDM plugin.
To learn installing IDM, read this article.
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