How to customize Navigation buttons in WINDOWS 7?

If you are bored of the old simple looking Navigation buttons in your Windows 7 system, and you wish to customize them, then this post is for you.

Windows 7 Navigation Button Customizer is a customizing tool, it can customize the look of navigation buttons in Windows 7 and give them a cool new look.

This tool can also be used to customize the look of search buttons in search bar as well as Go/Stop/Refresh/Dropdown buttons in the Address bar.

Click this link to download the tool >>
click here to download

After downloading the tool, install and open it. Browse the Bitmap image, you want to use and you are done.
Using this tool, you can customize these :
1. Frame of Navigation Buttons.
2. Navigation Buttons in Disabled state.
3. Navigation Buttons in Default state.
4. Navigation Buttons in mouse hover state.
5. Navigation Buttons in pressed state.
6. Go button of the Search bar.
7. Stop button in default state.
8. Stop button in mouse-hover state.
9. Stop button in pressed state.
10. Refresh button
11. Drop-down button
12. Go button in Address bar
13. Stop button in Address bar

If you want more bitmap icons for Navigation buttons, Search buttons or Address bar, then you can download them from the link provided below.

Click this button to download the Bitmaps >>
 click here to download the Bitmaps

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