How to Use Any SIM with Any Modem without Unlocking the Modem ?

Just in case you have lost your modem's IMEI and can no longer unlock the modem, here you will learn how to use the modem with any SIM having no need to unlock the modem again.

Of course, by following the step by step trick as given below you can use your modem with any network SIM card.

To start with;

1. Insert any SIM in the Modem and plug it to the PC (laptop or desktop)

2. Once the modem detects the SIM it will prompt you for the unlock code or password just ignore it. Close the pop up window and the modem client.

3. Then, if you have Nokia PC Suit installed on the PC, start NOKIA PC suite.

Download : Click here to download Nokia PC suite

4. Once started, click on the Nokia PC Suit's "Get Connected Icon".

5. Once it opens, it starts connecting by counting down, stop it and configure it by clicking on the "Settings Icon".

6. On the first option that displays, normally, Nokia PC Suite brings either Bluetooth Modem or Cable/USB Modem as your option in the drop down list. Just select your data card and click on the proceed icon.

7. The next page displays the list of the network operators. If your service provider is there, select it otherwise, click on the manual configuration option and click on the proceed icon.

8. Now, input the manual configuration settings as appropriate for your service provider and click the "OK" mark or button.

9. Finally, you can now connect to the internet. If the connection is okay, the modem can now connect to the internet with full speed.
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  1. It's very really amazing information.
    But Before read that post.I unlocked my Dongle with a help of for use my own sim card.