Where can one get Windows 7 super compressed image ?

Here you can get Windows 7 in just 11 MB.
It seems funny that such a heavy Operating System is in 11 MB, but its true.

Now you can download Windows 7 super compressed .rar file and then extract it to get the image file.
It is easy to share, easy to carry.
Its size is that much small that you can carry it on your phone, no need to have a flash drive or any other storage media.
You can even carry it on your phone having no memory card, because its only of 11 MB.

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(file uploaded by window7hacker.com)

NOTE : This file is compressed using KGB Archiver. To know more about this compression, read this post.
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  1. OMG..
    How it can be possible that Windows 7, which is usually of approx 4GB is available here in 11 MB size only ?

    1. Its super compressed !
      You can check it yourself, its working.