How to download torrents with IDM ?

If your Internet connection is slow and every time you download any torrent, it takes a lot of time, then here is the solution for your problem. is a Torrent caching site that helps us to download Torrent files with IDM
Using, You can also download torrent files using any other download manager as per your comfort.

To download a torrent with Internet download manager, just follow these steps.
1) Go To A Torrent Site And Download the Torrent file, that you want to Download With IDM. You can also copy the download link of the torrent file instead of downloading the torrent file.

2) Go to

3)Upload the torrent  and then Click On Go. Or you can also directly paste the link of the torrent file.

5)Then A window will open asking for Free OR Premium.

6)GO for Free If you do not have a premium account. After choosing Free your Torrent Will be downloaded by High speed Servers at and will be ready For Download as a Zip.

7)Now Just Click On Zip Button And It will Be ready For Download in the IDM or the default download manager installed on your system.

NOTE : You can also download files inside each torrent separately using
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