How to run android apps on Windows machine ?

Many people wish to use Android Apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Angry Birds or any other application, but they do not have an Android device. If you are also one of those people, then this post is for you. Now you do not need to have a Android device to run Android Apps. You can directly run them on your Windows machine as well as Mac machine.
Using Bluestacks AppPlayer, you can easily run all the Android Apps on your personal computer; No matter you have a Android device or not. This tool can also be used to play android games on Windows tablet or a any other touch device like Ultrabook.

To download the tool or to know more visit Bluestacks website

or you can directly download the tool by clicking the link provided as under.

click here to download

NOTE :  To install this tool, your system must installed the latest version of have .NET framework.

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