How to install a dock on Desktop?

Each and every Windows Operating System user has some icons on his/her Desktop, so that he/she can access applications and programs more quickly. But most of the times, these icons are not arranged in a well manner. In this post, we are going to introduce a tool to organise your desktop shortcuts in a very good way.

ObjectDock is an animated dock for all versions of Windows Operating System, which helps the user to quickly access as well as launch his/her favourite applications, programs, files, documents, links & shortcuts.

With this tool, you can create as many docks as you wish on your desktop, so that you can organize your shortcuts, programs as well as applications into logical and well defined groups accordingly.
You can also categorize the dock shortcuts with tabbed docks for the programs, applications, files, documents, links, shortcuts and other items accordingly. ObjectDock is an easily customizable tool, hence you can easily customize the tab names, icons, dock background, order of icons, color of dock, as well as position of the dock on desktop.
ObjectDock also gives you an option of how big or small the dock is. You can also control where it appears on your Desktop and the icons that it contains.
It also features some special effects to personalize your dock with some unique animated effects that occur when you mouse-over the icons on the doc.

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You can also download more skins from and customize your dock accordingly.
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