How to install third party themes in Windows ?

Most of the PC users want to customize their Personal Computers by installing themes, screen savers and customization packs. But the biggest annoyance in windows is that it does not allow the users to install third party themes.
If you want to customize your version of Windows and you are not able to install any third party themes to it, then this post may help you.

Third party themes can be installed in Windows easily by installing patch files in windows. These patch files are easily available on the World Wide Web. But most of the users take installing these patch files as a tough task.
If you also do not like to install the patch files, or you are unable to get one on the internet, then here is a free tool for you.

UxStyle Core is a tool that lets you to patch original windows system files in a few amount of time easily without playing with the system files.

This tool is free of cost under General Public License.
You do not need to search for any patch files or any other crap. Just download UxStyle Core tool, install it and use all the third party themes without any problem.

click here to download

After downloading you need to do is install the tool. Do not forget to create a system restore point before installing this.

Once the patching is done you need to reboot your system. After system is rebooted, download the visual style or third party theme from the internet (See Full glass transparent theme), which you want to install on your system, and follow the procedure mentioned by the theme developer to safely install the theme. If there are no instructions provided by the theme developer then just paste the theme files into this location 'C:\Windows\Resources\Themes' and apply the theme.

This tool is available for Windows XP, Windows 7. In Windows 8, UxStyle Core is available in experimental version only.

Windows 8 download

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