How to monitor Files and Folders for changes ?

Each and every Windows computer system has a lot of programs as well as processes running in the background. These background processes and programs keep reading, writing and modifying data on the memory. Generally a normal computer user won't be worried about these programs running in background and what files they are accessing, as long as the user is confident that whatever the programs and processes are doing is legitimate. But when a program or any process starts malfunctioning and you need to troubleshoot or end its functioning, you may want to know what changes are being made by the process to the system memory. There are many Tools that can keep an eye over folders and notify you about each and every changes being made by the running process.

FolderChangesView is a amazing tool developed by that monitors the folders or drives and lists each and every filename that is being created, modified or deleted in the selected folder or drive.
FolderChangesView can be used with any local disk drive or folder as well as with a remote network share. You must have read permissions to the selected folder or disk drive.

After you run FolderChangesView, choose the desired folder or disk drive that you want to monitor and then click 'OK' button. If you choose a folder (For example D:\Root) and the option 'Monitor all subfolders under the specified folder' option is checked FolderChangesView will monitor the changes of the entire folder 'Root' as well as the folders inside this folder (for example D:\Root\folder , D:\Root\mind , D:\Root\heart etc).

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Once, downloaded, extract the and install the tool. You can select the folder or disk drive which you want to monitor.
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