How to type hindi font using QWERTY keyboard easily?

It is a big challenge for everyone to write in Hindi font using English(QWERTY) keyboard. There are many different keyboard layouts for typing Hindi language. Not only for Hindi,  but formats for other Indian languages is also available. Many such layouts are based on the earlier typewriter designs, which are not at all relevant for the intelligent computers.
It is also very difficult and confusing for a common user, who spends most of the time using the QWERTY keyboard, to switch to one such keyboard for quickly typing an email in Devanagari font (Hindi language). One can write using the Devanagari font which is easily available on internet. But doing so in QWERTY keyboard is not a easy task. If one even tries to write in Hindi font, then he/she must have the knowledge that which key of the QWERTY keyboard is used to represent which letter of the Hindi font.

Baraha is a tool which can be used to write in Hindi font (Devanagari lipi) No matter you are having Devanagari font or not.

Using this tool is also very easy. If you want to write 'और', then just type 'aur', the tool will directly convert your input into the Hindi output.

The Baraha tool can also be used to type in other Indian languages, which are similar to the Hindi font or the Devanagari lipi.

You can download the latest version of the tool from Baraha website or click the download link provided below to start the download.

click here to download

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