What to do if Android Swype keypad keys got swapped?

This article is on an Android bug i.e. What to do if your Android Swype Keypad keys got swapped or Z key and Y key of Android Swype keypad got swapped .
Before proceeding to the solution of the problem, let us discuss Something about Android Swype keypad.

What is Android Swype Keypad?
Android Swype keypad is a word-based text entry method on a standard keyboard of Android.

Use a drawing motion to trace entire words. To begin, place your finger (or the stylus) on the key with the first letter of the word and glide to the following letters. Lift your finger after the last letter. Sloppy is ok –try to get near each letter while gliding quickly from letter to letter.
Spaces are usually automatic. Swype a word, lift your finger, and continue on to the next word.
Android Swype keypad will add the space for you. To enter a double letter in a word, just "scribble" on the key. Words can include punctuation. Example: To enter the English word "it's", glide through the 'i', 't', apostrophe, and 's' keys. Swype accented characters by gliding through all the letters for the word, without concern for the accent.
Usually, Swype recognizes the word and correctly accents the letters. Traced paths might match multiple words, popping up a Word Choice Window. The first word in the list is selected by default when you start to Swype the next word. If Swype doesn't know your word, tap each letter of the word then Space. Swype automatically learns it for future input. To enter numbers and symbols, tap the SYM key. The Symbols keyboard shows alternate characters for each key.

What to do if some keys got swapped?

If some keys of your Android swype keyboard got swapped, (e.g. Z key and Y key got swapped then all you need to do is follow these simple steps -

1) Tap the language key on your keyboard. It might be the Q key with Shift key pressed.

2) Change your language to any of the shown language. e.g. Italiano

3) Type something and then switch back to your own language i.e. US English or UK English

4) Now, your keys might be switched back.

NOTE : Actually, this is a bug in Android Swype keypad. This happens when your cellphone starts to hang.
The above method might not work with your handset. If you have got any other solution, then you can mention it in the comments.
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