A beginner’s guide to getting started with an Android device

In this Article, we are going to discuss some basic things, which you need to learn while using as well as operating Android device for the first time. These things include Setup of your Google account, Using Notification bar, configuring your device, Installing Apps or performing a search. These all are discussed one by one below.

Google Account Setup

As we all know, Android is a platform owned by Google Inc. Hence before starting your Android device for the first time, they provide you an option of linking your Android device with your Google account. A Google account is your account, which is used to sign in to Google plus, G-mail, YouTube, Google drive, Blogger or all other Google services. Android provides a facility to sync your Android device with your Google device. By doing so, you are able to install apps from Google market i.e. Google Play store. Not only this, you can also synchronize your data, contacts as well as other stuffs using this Google Account. It is not mandatory to sign in or sign up with your Google Account at the time of setting up the device. You can also sign in later from the settings menu.

Android Home screen and App drawer

The Home screen is a place, where you can keep your widgets as well as shortcuts of the Apps for ease of access. It is similar to the desktop of a Windows or desktop of a Linux Operating System. There is an App drawer button on your home screen. It might look like a circle with dots or a window shaped button according to the Android version. Clicking that button will take you to the App menu, where you can swipe around to see all the Apps installed on your device.

Using Notifications Bar and Notification drawer

All of your phone’s notifications like Missed calls, Messages and other App’s notifications are available at the top of the screen. This is called the Notification bar. If you swipe from top to down, then you will get a list of your notifications. This is called Notification drawer.

Configuring your device

You can configure your device easily by just opening the settings menu from the App drawer. All you need to do is just open the App drawer, search for the settings icon and tap on it. Here you can configure your device’s each and every feature very easily.

Installing as well as Uninstalling Apps

You can install apps from the Play store very easily. Just go to your App drawer tap on the Play store icon, search for the App and install it. To uninstall any app, you have to go to Task manager. Open your App drawer, tap on Task Manager Icon and select installed apps. Here you can easily uninstall any app just by tapping the Uninstall button in front of the App name.

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