How to optimize your Wi-Fi / Wireless network / WLAN ?

Do you face problem while connecting to your Wi-Fi network or face latency problem while playing games on WLAN ? In this post, we are going to introduce you to a tool which will optimize all such problems.

WLAN Optimizer is a free tool, which can be used to optimize or troubleshoot your WLAN connectivity issues.WLAN Optimizer disables the periodical background scan activity for all wireless networks.
The main feature of WLAN Optimizer is that it improves the latency time of Wireless Connections. Hence WLAN Optimizer tool is much useful for people having wireless connections getting lag spikes. WLAN Optimizer can be used to improve the latency time especially during online gaming, audio and video streaming.
You can download this tool from WLAN Optimizer download page or click the download button below to start the download directly.

When WLAN Optimizer is started, it automatically tries to optimize all the wireless connections. It have the following features:
WLAN Optimizer disables autoconfig.
WLAN Optimizer can also disable the background Wireless network scan improving your latency time.
WLAN Optimizer also features streaming mode, which enables high speed video streaming.

If you think that WLAN Optimizer is working good for your system, then you can add it to your startup.
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